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    » Zero Gel Strength Generation
    » Right Angle Set 
    » Withstands 30% Contamination 
    » Rapid Compressive Strength Development 
    » Unaffected by Hydrostatic Pressure 
    » Easy to Clean up on Job 
    » Environmentally Friendly 

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SmartSet® is patented in the USA, Canada and Europe. It is a formulation of nontoxic, inorganic powders that when mixed with water provide a controlled right angle set with rapid compressive strength generation in downhole conditions. Time from mixing the slurry to the right angle set can be engineered within minutes as desired with zero gel strength generation between the fluid and set states.

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Typically small volumes of SmartSet® slurry are required to achieve the desired results – often less than one cubic meter for remedial applications. Slurries are mixed at the well site under supervision of a Pluto engineer and pumped downhole using conventional techniques and equipment.

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Thin fluid when mixed

Right angle set < 120 second transition time


SmartSet® is designed to do what Portland cements and resins cannot do.

Solutions currently available for downhole temperatures up to 144°C (291°F).

Zero risk of “after placement” gas flows eliminates channeling. A major drawback of Portland cements is the transition between slurry and solid states, where cement gels (up to 30 minutes) and reduces hydrostatics, allowing gas to flow and form channels. SmartSet® always sets in under 120 seconds with zero gel strength generation.

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